What is / do you use Header Bidding?

AdLogix uses Header Bidding with third party partners such as Rubicon, IndexExchange and OpenX. Header Bidding creates auction pressure and gets you the most money for every Ad Impression! We give you a single line of javascript, and the rest is handled by us — you don’t need to have a PhD in Information Science to set this up. We make Header Bidding easy!


Will it make my pages faster?

Yes! Our customized implementation of Header Bidding speeds up pages. We don’t let slow ad network partners hang pages – in fact, users generally see a 30-40% speed increase when using AdLogix!


Can I keep my existing relationship with my current ad Provider?

Sure! We aren’t here to get rid of your existing suppliers. We will, however, make them work harder and pay you more. By pinging each of the partners, our header bidding solution will drive up the eCPM, and will make you more money every month!